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Who We Are

Tom Lipari Jr.

Tom is the President and Director of Operations at Exotic Gourmet Corporation, with more than 35 years of experience in buying and selling the finest gourmet natural snacks. Some of his experience includes time spent at Frito Lay, Eagle Snacks, Boston Popcorn, and Coca-Cola. He is in charge of all purchasing and stocking of the Exotic Gourmet Corporation warehouse as well as supervising all routes.

Darren Lipari - Darren@exoticgourmetsnacks.com

Darren is a graduate of Pace University where he earned a BBA in accounting. He later earned his CPA with Ernest & Young, a privately owned emerging business group in 1989. He has over 35 years of experience in the business of building brands in the tristate area.

Darren oversees all office sale inquiries and accounting issues. He is also in charge of researching and discovering the new snack product lines that Exotic Gourmet Corporation brings to their customers each year.

Tom Lipari Sr. 

Tom Sr. is the heart and soul of Exotic Gourmet Corporation. He brings over 50 years in the franchise food and beverage world to what he does and serves as our New Jersey sales representative. His hard work and determination are what makes this company the successful family business that it is today. Senior always says, "The customer comes first." and his boys have built on that philosophy over the years. And at age 79 Tom Sr. lives it every day.

Jessica Lipari - Jessica@exoticgourmetsnacks.com

Jessica Lipari is our office manager and sales coordinator. She can answer any questions you have about products, sizes, flavors, and clarify any delivery issues.